T. Ross writes:

“5.0 out of 5 stars It Works!”

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 29, 2023

Verified Purchase

“My wife got this for me as a Christmas present. I wasn’t expecting to much. I suffer from severe Tinnitus and I am recovering from several strokes. Sleep is terrible, 3 to 4 hours at night. The first night, I slept 4 hours, but I felt something a little different. The second night I slept 5 hours and felt like I was well rested. Third, fourth and fifth night, I slept longer each night and felt better, and more rested each subsequent night. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?”

“This product is the real deal. AND, they stand behind their product.”

“Seven days after I started using the Sound Pillow Sleep System, something went wrong. So I sent an email to the company to see if I did something wrong, or how to reboot the System. Within 5 MINUTES OF SENDING MY EMAIL, my phone rang, and it was Scott from Sound Pillow Sleep System. He walked me through some simple basic things, and eventually sent me a new System. Scott was very knowledgeable, and super friendly. I told him I appreciate having someone to call me back so quickly, and that knew how to deal with the technical difficulties I was having. Scott told me that he knew everything about the System…he invented it.”

“The INVENTOR of the Sleep System was helping me, and did take care of everything. It has been a life saver for me. Play around with the different sounds that are on the system, to help you sleep.”

“I go to sleep faster, I sleep longer, and get a deeper sleep.”

Nalini R. (Veteran):
“I couldn’t possibly repay you for this life-saving, deep sleep-assisting, comforting, tinnitus-reducing invention of yours.”
Dr. Folmer, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, the OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) Tinnitus Clinic reports the following:

“More than 70% of the patients evaluated at the OHSU Tinnitus Clinic report they have difficulty sleeping. One way for Tinnitus patients to improve their sleep patterns is to play pleasant sounds in the bedroom. The Sound Pillow is a good way to accomplish this…to make the Tinnitus less noticeable…improving sleep patterns.

Using the Sound Pillow is preferable to using medications.

Many patients have ordered the Sound Pillow. And many patients have improved their sleep patterns – and their quality of life – by using the Sound Pillow.

In presentations to the public or groups of clinicians, Tinnitus clinic staff members always show slides of the Sound Pillow and recommend it for patients who have trouble sleeping because of Tinnitus.”

Ricky Bryd – 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee – writes:

I LOVE my Sound Pillow!

B. Reynolds writes:

Thank you so much for the Sound Pillow. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. It is a great help in my getting a good night’s sleep (helps neutralize my Tinnitus). I always mention it to my doctor and I know they pass the information to other patients.

B. Bostelman writes:

I love this pillow – it has helped me so much with my Tinnitus.

K. Graham writes:

I listen to music at night because I have tinnitus. The Sound Pillow helps me sleep 70% more, or better.

B. Ives writes:

I’ve been a customer for 10 years and have purchased probably half a dozen Sound Pillows from you for my personal use or as a gift to someone else who suffers from tinnitus. They are a great help and you and your employees should be proud of the work you do to help others.”

“Buzzzzz Girl” writes:

I think it is my time to tell you what I think of the pillow. I love it, it’s the best thing going…wonderful.”

Lisa M. – Friend of Tinnitus Sufferer (A good friend. Nice gift.) writes:

I will absolutely tell people about your product. Matter of fact I spoke to my friend Dianna last evening and she is still really getting a good night sleep with her pillow. She said it was the most thoughtful gift she has ever received – so again, my thanks to you!”

L.B. Sherman, Texas writes:

The Sound Pillow has truly been a blessing. My tinitus has caused me countless nights of lost sleep over the years, and The Sound Pillow, along with nature sounds C.D’s, has proven very effective for the constant battle with my ringing ears. I would recommend this product to anyone with tenitis. I also enjoy listening to music through the sound pillow, while lying in my bed and relaxing. The sound pillow is music to my ears.”

Robert R. – Syracuse, New York writes:

I have tried other products on the market, but find the Sound Pillow Sleep System’s MP3 music and content to be the best combination so far. Again, I believe the fact that you have tinnitus is the reason your product is so good…because you’re not just trying to increase sales, but are making sure you provide your customers with a sleep system they deserve; for a better nights rest.