Q: Does the Sound Pillow/Sound Pillow Sleep System require FDA Approval?
A: NO! Sound Pillows/Sound Pillow Sleep Systems are sound conditioners which DO NOT REQUIRE the FDA’s approval.



Q: Why Sound Pillow Sleep System’s content vs. a “Free App”?
A: GREAT Question! And here are several great reasons:

– Our content is designed to complement the speaker response and output of our speakers
– Was mastered at louder levels to be heard through the pillow’s material
– Does not data mine or follow your private life, like “free apps.”
– The Sound Pillow Sleep System is ready to use the instant you remove it from the box


Q: What are the Measurements of the Sound Pillow and Traveler’s Sound Pillow?
A: Standard Sound Pillow: 22 wide” x 15″ high x 6″ thick, Traveler’s Sound Pillow: 14″ wide x 9″ high x 4″ thick


Q: Are Sound Pillow Sleep Systems comfortable and is the stereo sound really good…really?
A: Sound Pillow Sleep Systems consistently receive high praise for comfort and our exceptional stereo sound. See for yourself by reviewing the various reports on this web site…really!


Q: Is the Sound Pillow compatible with other devices?
A: Sound Pillows will connect to devices with a standard 1/8″ headphone jack. However,

– many devices do not have enough sound output to be heard clearly through the pillow
– mono devices ONLY will be heard through one speaker
– some sound machines have too much bass which can distort the speakers

Although it is possible to use other devices, using our proprietary player and content insures the simplest and best experience.


Q: Is the Sound Pillow machine washable?
A: Although not machine washable, they are cleanable with a damp cloth. To help keep your Sound Pillow clean, simply use your favorite pillow case or a zippered pillow protector, for added cleanliness.


Q: Are Sound Pillow products covered under any insurance plans or Medicare?
A: Not at this time.


Q: Does Sound Pillow have a Veterans Administration/GSA Contract?
A: Yes. Contract #V797D-30258.


Q: Does the Sleep System’s player have a variable sleep mode/timer?
A: Yes. The variable Sleep Mode timer can be set in 10-Minute increments from 10 minutes – 2 Hours.