With 65% - 80% of folks on the Autism Spectrum experiencing mild to severe sleep disturbances, let alone the nightly process of getting them to agree to go to bed… what do you do?

In an unpublished clinical research study conducted by the Clinical Education Complex at Western Kentucky University:

  • 53 of 54 respondents would recommend the Sound Pillow Sleep System to other families facing similar challenges.
  • 49 of 54 respondents stated the Sleep System helped the participant sleep.

Here’s why the study participants recommend the Sound Pillow Sleep System to you:

  • “Negative behaviors started to decline because he was getting a better night’s sleep.”
  • “…using the pillow gave my son a feeling of [a] new sense of empowerment about sleeping.”
  • “It makes bed time in our house a much more pleasant experience.”
  • “…he seems more relaxed and less explosive since using the pillow.”
  • “…changed my daughter’s whole outlook on sleep and staying in bed.”